Most of us use elevators many times a day.  But few know exactly what goes into constructing and maintaining these complex pieces of machinery.  Our competitors use that confusion to their advantage to lock customers in 10 year maintenance contracts and sell them proprietary technology that will cost them thousands of dollars, headaches, and hassle down the road.

We want to change that.

Albany Elevator was founded in 2000 by an expert veteran New York City elevator mechanic and long-time Irwin Elevator manager Chuck Campbell and his wife Grace.  Tired of the red tape, predatory practices, and pricey proprietary technology of the “Big Guys”, the international elevator companies, they started Albany Elevator together with a simple vision: make elevators simple.

Chuck started small.  Ask him today, and he’ll tell you he still remembers strapping elevator parts to the top of his Ford Ranchero and driving down Central Avenue to deliver and install an elevator with his son, Jonathan.  He’ll tell you about the time just a few years after starting his business that a terrible flood ruined his basement-level office, and with it all of his files and elevator parts.  Ask him and he’ll tell you about the many failures and setbacks that his family faced on the road to success.  But he’ll also tell you that he and Grace never let those failures deter them from their dream.

Albany Elevator has come a long way since the Ford Ranchero.  We are still a family owned and operated business, but now we are the leading local competition for the Big Guys in the Capital District.  Chuck Campbell personally plans and oversees dozens of large-scale elevator construction and modernization projects annually, with his son Jonathan now a Project Executive working along side other skilled PEs to ensure our customers get stellar customer service from beginning to end, from planning to turnover.  We employ only the most skilled technical labor in the industry to guarantee that any and every job gets the expert service that every customer deserves.

But no matter how far Albany Elevator has come, or how big we grow, the vision will always stay the same: keep elevators simple.

Too often, elevator companies charge exorbitant labor rates for their services and pull hidden costs out of thin air when the job is complete.  They use technical language to confuse customers into buying parts and labor they don’t need.  Their contracts are riddled with hidden clauses and terms that many customers aren’t even aware of until the ink is dry and they’re locked into a twenty year agreement.

Albany Elevator breaks the mold.  Our contracts are short and simple.  We’ll never try to lock you into a five, ten, or twenty year contract – with us, you can always cancel any time (though we’re sure once you sign, you won’t ever want to!).  Our service technicians are friendly, helpful and honest.  We’ll tell you what’s wrong with your machine, and we’ll tell you the easiest way to fix it.  Because our commitment is to you, our customer, and never to the bottom line.

All of the equipment we install is non-proprietary.  That means, once we give you the keys, the elevator belongs to you.  We don’t hold your software hostage.  There are no special tools or equipment needed to access your machine.  Once our equipment is in your building, it truly belongs to you.  In a world of increasing complexity, we’re keeping your elevators as simple as they should be.

So if you want to experience the vision of simplicity that Chuck has kept alive for all these years, whether you need a maintenance contract for your building, a new elevator installed, an old elevator modernized, or are truly lost and don’t know what you need, then don’t worry.  Give us a call, and we’ll show you why we say:

Whether you’re dealing with commercial or residential lifts we have you covered. Leave the lifts to us!

Our Team
  • Headshot of Chuck Campbell - Vice President
    Chuck Campbell - Vice President
  • Headshot of Jonathan Campbell - Project Executive
    Jonathan Campbell - Project Executive
  • Headshot of Jessica Campbell - Accounts Executive
    Jessica Campbell - Accounts Executive
  • Headshot of Cean Olsen - Repair/Maintenance Superintendent
    Cean Olsen - Repair/Maintenance Superintendent