Our Maintenance Plans

Oil & Grease

This is our “standard” preventative maintenance plan.  One of our expert technicians comes to your facility at an interval of your choosing – every month, every other month, quarterly or annually – and performs a thorough and systematic cleaning, lubrication, and investigation of the overall health of your machine.  Any small repairs or adjustments that need to be made will be made on the spot, so that your small problems don’t grow into big and expensive ones down the road.  At the end of his service visit you’ll receive a ticket detailing the work he performed, as well as any recommendations for general improvements or safety concerns he may have noticed.


Parts, Oil & Grease

The next step up from an Oil & Grease.  You’ll receive the preventative maintenance; you’ll also receive warranty coverage on certain parts including, but not limited to, brake pads, guide shoes, door rollers, gibs, motors, and more.  For a marginally increased monthly rate, this contract can be a big boon for business owners with heavily-trafficked elevators that are constantly wearing through the more mobile parts of the elevator, necessitating costly, frequent repairs.


Full Maintenance (8 Hour or 24 hour)

The Cadillac of service plans.  Under a Full Maintenance contract, you get the preventative maintenance of an oil and grease, the warranty coverage on parts of a POG, and in addition, you receive FREE service calls within the hours stipulated.  For a Full-Maintenance 8 Hour, all service calls placed by the facility between 8AM and 4PM are covered at no cost.  If your elevator breaks down, your service technician will come to you to help get you up and running.  If a part covered under your contract has failed, we will replace that part.  For many of our Full-Maintenance service plans, we also offer to cover the cost of state-required annual pressure testing.  All at no additional cost to you.